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Feather edge fencing in North Dorset

Feather edge fence - 2017

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ben Matthews


  1. Kitchen Extention - 2018
    27 Oct, 2018
    Kitchen Extention - 2018
    Here's an Kitchen extension we carried out this year in South Somerset.  The property had a very small kitchen for the size of the house, but was blessed with a single storey outhouse the other side of the kitchen.  The outhouse had a corridor linking the front and back gardens, a small downstairs W.C. and a large store room.  We knocked through from the existing kitchen into the outhouse, took out the internal partition walls of the outhouse and began transforming both rooms into a beautiful
  2. builder Somerset builder Dorset wall
    18 Nov, 2017
    Reclaimed brick and stone wall - 2017
    Reclaimed brick and stone wall in Somerset built using a traditional lime mortar
  3. The finished bathroom.  Time for a nice hot bath!
    27 Nov, 2016
    Bathroom Refurbishment - 2014
    Bathroom refurbishment from 2014
  4. B Matthews Building Services
    08 Nov, 2016
    First Post!
    I've been meaning to build a website for a long time and finally got around to it (yey!).  It's been hard finding the time whilst working full time and having a young family.  I'm planning on posting many of my past projects up here in the blog over the coming weeks and months so apologies there's not a lot of content up here at the moment.  Watch this space...
  5. Freshly plastered walls.
    08 Nov, 2016
    Plastering re skim - November 2016
    Last week we carried out this simple re-skim plaster job in Bristol.
  6. The finished decking.  Time to crack open a beer and try it out.
    08 Nov, 2016
    Decking and wall building - 2015
    Rear garden decking and wall project from 2015.
  7. Kitchen Extension, Southmead Road, Bristol
    08 Nov, 2016
    Kitchen extension- 2014
    Here is a single storey rear kitchen extension we built back in 2014/15.